Every Recipe Has a Story.

After Years of Ethnographic Research, Eric Johnson has Brought the World Cookbooks like No Other. Tales from the Cook is a Culinary Folktale series, each book features twenty-five stories and recipes.

Tales from the Cook was inspired by his thesis on Culinary Folklore: A Study of Fiction as an Influence in Traditional Foodways Practices.

In Foodways, foods eaten have histories associated with the pasts of those who eat them; the techniques employed to find, process, prepare, serve and consume. Those practices are taught through story often from parent to child or by peers and other media sources.

People who love to cook have stories of their own special ways of preparation, methods they state makes a dish special. These stories come from the home cook to the professional chef. There are also many narrative elements in folktales, myths, and local legends relating to the preparation and consumption of food.
Food is essential to survival and to one’s well-being. However, as several anthropological studies have shown, food is much more than just nutrition, ingredients and the factual eating; it is about social relations, ethics, individual choices and self-expression, and much much more.

Every Story Has a Recipe. Even My Science Fiction Horror Novels are About Food.


4 thoughts on “Every Recipe Has a Story.

  1. I love the theme of your blog where stories and recipes come together. I have just started a new series on my blog where I try to bring together folktales from different parts of world who have strong women character. Your blog is quite inspiring!

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