Documentary “Counting Fish” Sheds Light On Fishermen/NOAA Rift

This is very important to our future.

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Recently the Discovery Channel showed “Sacred Cod” which looked into the divide that separates Fishermen and NOAA’s fishery scientists here in New England. Fishermen have said for years that the methods used in the trawl surveys are flawed and that cod is much more abundant in the Gulf of Maine than scientists claim. The extremely low quotas that some fishermen are allocated make it nearly impossible to make a living. They are catching incidental cod when targeting other fish, meaning that their season could be cut short from fish that are not supposed to be there.

This documentary, “Counting Fish” shows how a team of researchers are working with fishermen to count fish stocks by using underwater cameras in nets that do not catch the fish. By going out there and collaborating with guys that actually know how to catch fish, these researchers are getting a better idea of what…

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