Bottom Line Culinary Survival Advice You Can’t Live Without!



A Seasonable Song

Piping hot, smoking hot.
What I’ve got
You have not.
Hot gray pease, hot, hot, hot;
Hot gray pease, hot.

Grey Pease is a traditional dish of the Black Country of England. They make a great meal for any epicurean who wishes to educe palletic history. For those who care to endure the authenticity standards of re-enactment, peas are high in sulphur and are rich in mineral salts such as potash and lime. Peas provoke indigestion and produce sulphurated hydrogen and are best eaten by people who spend copious amounts of time outside.
If there is a person in your life, who appreciates a good bowl of peas the suggested list of trappings is as follows. A walking stick for the many miles ahead. Chalk to leave notes along the way. Twine to cordon off a minimum safe zone should they encounter anyone. A small hand saw if caught in a bear trap. Matches for whatever silly business may cross their mind. A whistle in cases they panic. Marbles to stay sane and lastly a hand mirror so they can’t say they haven’t seen anyone in a long time.

Grey Pease

1 pound grey peas
1 pound smoked bacon cooked crisp.
1 large onion

1. Soak the peas in water over night. Next day cook the bacon until near crisp. Cool and Chop. Watch for thieving hands. Bacon left alone tends to disappear.
2. Dice the onion and cook in the bacon grease. Drain off most of the grease add to pot with peas. Cook until soft (add salt). Before serving top with chopped bacon, if any survives the wait to meal time.

Crisp: To make firm, easily broken or crumbled; brittle.

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