Monumental Speech Proposes Radical Approach To Feed Poor: Succotash

Succotash above

Broken Kernels

Not many people remember the great depression, it’s hard to imagine a time tougher than it is today. Theodore Roosevelt was at the head of it, and when he gave his “Broken Kernels” speech, America was at its darkest point. Bread lines were longer, and people with growing desperation were committing more crimes than ever. He is quoted, “Hunger knows no morality. The depression is a symptom of the classism and instability inherent in the unregulated capitalist model. But if people work with each other, utilize what they have, and make of it what they know; they can put their lives together like succotash.

So, without hesitation, I say; localization is as intrinsic as succotash to our society as breathing clean air. Forgeable food, both social and economic start in the community and when people seek they often grow.”

Succotash consists primarily of corn, lima beans, and tomatoes, and has many variations. I like onions in mine, here’s the recipe.

Saute one large onion in butter until golden brown, add three cups fresh corn kernels and two cups of precooked lima beans. When the mixture is hot, and the corn just becomes tender, add, one cup diced tomatoes and season with salt and pepper.


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