The Folklore Food Blog: Butter


The Lynch Clans Butter

    A man with the name of Lynch tired of the cattle trade, and warring over pasture land with his neighbors the Mac Dugan’s went over Underhill mound, past Crooked Creek Cave to strike up a deal. He practiced his proposal the whole way, the misery had to end.
The squelch of Lynch’s boots broke the soothing sound of the creek and woke the fairies who slept in the cave.
Fairies gathered at the mouth, watching Lynch pass. Made curious by his rantings, they followed him.
Lynch stood at the Mac Dugan’s fence, he knew bad breath caused storms, and turned men to dirt, he spoke softly. Butter was a luxury food often used as a means to pay taxes, rents and to settle the differences between clans. It was also used as an offering to the spirits and gods to keep people and their property safe.
He offered they make butter eggs adorned with spring flowers and dried fruits to signify the birth of a new relationship. Then bury the butter deep in the Fingaz bog, and vow never to dig up old problems again to preserve their pact for all of time. It would take weeks of churning to make enough butter for the eggs. Mac Dugan also weary of battling, agreed. Satisfied Lynch returned home.
Fairies, as we know, are greatly attracted by the beauty of mortal women, but butter is their weakness. They appeared to the Mac Dugan’s asking for a tribute. But, no deal with the fairies would match the offer of peace with the Lynch clan, he denied the fairies.
The Fairies swore they would get their deserved respect.
Lynch was woken early on the day of the deal by a strange wind. It was an ill omen, and he rushed to the barn to find his butter gone. Enraged, he thought the Mac Dugan’s dishonest, and never had intentions of honoring the deal. He roused his son’s and their sons and gathered up what courage they could. Break a deal for profit, and forsake peace? Their thievery would be punished, he cried.
Over Underhill mound, and past crooked creek cave, a swirling mist cloaked them in gray. Lynch and his clan sneaked into the Mac Dugan’s house. They used their cow clubs, and ropes to set things right. Fingaz bog was near. Instead of butter the Mac Dugan’s would be buried.
Lights like fire danced around them as they dragged the bodies through the trees. Lynch’s clan churned with fear, but their bonds held them together. The fairies had their offering; the Mac Dugan’s were tossed in the bog never to be seen again.

Pour cream into the jar and screw on the lid. Let stand at room temperature (Times may vary). My kitchen is cool and ranges from 65-75. I let the cream stand unrefrigerated for 12 hours. Shake jar until butter forms a soft lump, 15 to 20 minutes.
Pour contents of the jar into a fine mesh strainer and strain out the buttermilk, leaving the solid butter. Remove the lump of butter and place in a bowl. Press with a  rubber spatula and fold the butter to remove any excess milk. After working the butter, flavors can be added; salted, herbs, garlic, what ever the heart desires.


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