The Folklore Food Blog: Monte Cristo Sandwich

A friend of a friend told me about this tale that happened somewhere in Michigan a few years back. It was on a Friday night and something weird happened. The breakfast cook of this restaurant was out drinking so late that it didn’t make any sense to go home to bed for only a couple of hours before his shift started. He decided to go into work to get a head start.

When the cook arrived the late night cleaning crew had already left, and the kitchen was still hot from the steam cleaning of the floors and hood. He got down to his breakfast prep; cracking eggs, making batter and traying up bacon. This gave him a few of hours to get ahead of the coming breakfast crowd. When the second cook came in he’d claim that he was sick, and go home to sleep.

He worked as quickly as he could until around three, when a news report came on giving a warning that a mental patient had just escaped from a facility and that local authorities were busy trying to find and apprehend the individual.

Knowing the restaurant was in a decent area of town, he didn’t feel too worried, but did get up to double check the lock on the delivery door. It was all locked up, but he was glad he double-checked, anyway. He turned the station to get rid of the news report and found a something better to listen to ’til  it was time to open. When he was sure he heard a noise coming from the dining room…

Thump Thump Drag…

He waited a little while, still a little drunk he thought he was being paranoid. But he heard the odd noise again.

Thump Thump Drag…

He became afraid, he ran into the store room and hid. He waited again, but nothing the restaurant was silent. He decided to lay down and get some shut eye until the day manager showed up. His head hit the sacks of flour and he started to fall asleep. But no sooner than he closed his eyes, he heard the noise –

Thump, Thump, Drag…

He jumped up and listened at the door, but the noise had stopped. He lay back down, unable to stay awake.

When the day manager arrived, he was taken aback by an entirely macabre and gruesome sight! In the kitchen, near the electric slicer, blood was splattered everywhere, and a trail of blood led over to the walk-in. The day manager immediately called the police…

The breakfast cook was found at the end of the trail of blood hanging from a meat hook. His arms had been shaved to stumps just above the elbows. The meat thin like ham for a monte cristo sandwich was neatly stacked in a ½ hotel pan at his feet. The cook bled out in the walk-in while just trying to get ahead on his morning prep.

Nobody was ever able to figure out who did this to the cook.

Nobody ever found the escaped mental patient, either.

Monte Cristo Sandwich
2 slices bread
1 teaspoon mayonnaise
1 teaspoon prepared mustard
2 slices cooked ham
2 slices cooked turkey meat
1 slice Swiss cheese

1 egg
1/2 cup milk

Spread bread with mayonnaise and mustard. Alternate ham, Swiss and turkey slices on bread.
Beat egg and milk in a small bowl. Coat the sandwich with the egg and milk mixture. Heat a greased skillet over medium heat, brown the sandwich on both sides. Serve hot.


4 thoughts on “The Folklore Food Blog: Monte Cristo Sandwich

  1. That is entirely eerie and remarkably disgusting all at the same time. Not enough that it will have me stop cooking and eating Monte Cristo sandwiches. Absolutely, brilliantly written, and the recipes at the end, even better!

    Liked by 1 person

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