The Proof Copy Of My Second Novel Has Arrived.


IMG_1299Today I will expose the ills of my ways, and hunt down the misplaced comma’s, capture the semi-colons, and against the better wishes of some I’ll add manner-adverbs.

This is a partial note from a beta reader, no spoilers.
I really like the fast-paced, dialogue-driven action that drives this story. I have to say it’s not my thing at all, but as an English teacher who spent far too many years trying to fire teenagers imaginations, I can see that you are creating something that will clearly strike chords with your target audience. (I was put in mind of John Wyndham’s “The Kraken Wakes”, which I’d recommend from Don and my sci-fi days at Liverpool U. in the 1950s).

Needless to say I am very excited to have such praise, writing hasn’t been an easy accomplishment. When a person says, “I have an idea that I want to make into a book.” In general most smile and nod. But when it comes down to it and you start writing it takes years to learn the craft. No one sits down and writes the perfect novel.


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