A nice letter from my editor.

DODCZOM61 (2)From the Editor
One of the reasons I so admire debut author Eric Johnson’s Summer School Zombocalypse is that it’s great science fiction. The main reason I love the book, however, is that it’s also a fantastically thrilling tale full of adventure and just the right number of explosions. Great science fiction action adventure–like Red Dawn (1984 version), where a group of students fight for survival, and learned to work together in the midst of great adversity. And that’s what Summer School Zombocalypse does–its near-future setting is both eerily familiar and could be anywhere USA. 
The novel is told in the third person, and is about fourteen year old Tom Stinson as he and a group of his peers fight to find their way home. What initially appears to be a young man who wants to prove to his father that he can be responsible, and stay out of trouble with the police quickly turns into something much more sinister. The zombie apocalypse. Just when it can’t possibly get worse for Tom and his friends, it does.
The story twists and turns you into the world of the unimaginable even as the plot rapidly escalates around what Tom will do to prove himself. The stakes don’t get much higher than trying to prove you can make the right decisions while simultaneously attempting to stop the destruction of the earth.
-Jake Dixon, Editor.

This link is to the non-OpenDyslexic version.

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