The Folklore Food Blog: Chocolate Cooperation Cookies

Unlike many fields of advanced study, I reckon there are millions of experts in the study of chocolate chip cookies. Everybody has a story or experience with chocolate chip cookies that brings back fond memories. Some say that chocolate chip cookies have magical powers with kids. When I start to hear moans and groans about chores or homework, the kids sure seem to get cooperative when I talk about making cookies. Cookies bring out the good in us, comfort us, help us overcome the challenges, minimize the bad in the world, and make life better. Now break out the shovels and get the kids to digging a new hole for the outhouse, if they complain you know what to do.

¼-cup sugar
¾-cup packed brown sugar
1-cup butter, softened
2-large eggs, beaten
1-tsp vanilla extract
1-tsp baking soda
2 ¼-cups all-purpose flour
¾- tsp salt
2 cups chocolate chips Sweet,
Semi-sweet or not sweet at all it’s chocolate

½-cup soaked raisins
½-cup chopped nuts

Mix the wet stuff and whip it. Then add the dry stuff. Make little cookies on your baking pan. Bake for however long it takes to cook before they burn. Let cool and eat or burn your mouth and chase them with a  cold glass of milk. I will leave it up to you.

11 thoughts on “The Folklore Food Blog: Chocolate Cooperation Cookies

  1. My mom, who’s 87, is the chocolate chip cooke lady. She bakes double batches weekly, if not more often, and is always taking them to the families of people who die, receptionists in doctors’ offices. There’s a priest she mails them to – at his request. They are something special!

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  2. I have really great memories of baking cookies with my mom when I was growing up. Now, I’m lazy and we buy the take and bake. We’ve only made cookies from scratch once since my kids were born. I need to do it more often!


  3. When my kids were young it was a tradition that on the first day of school they always had warm chocolate chip cookies waiting for them when they got home. Of course they had them many other days too but that day was a must!

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