So You Want To Cook With Your Kids.

family cooking with parents holding kids

This here is razzle dazzle invaluable information that every parent needs. I’ll break it down as simply as possible. Who has time for lengthy explanations when you have kids. Quick and simple instructions are what I like.
1. Work out what you are going to make with your kid. How? Ask them, kids have opinions and interests.
2. Get the recipe and have your kid read the recipe to you, talk about it. Cooking is a great way to teach a child, math, science, improve reading, and to learn about other cultures.
3. Pack your kids up and head on down to the grocery store, talk about how to pick out fruits and vegetable. Gather your ingredients quickly. No telling how long the kids will last before starting to fight. (Talk about the seasons why watermelon in January isn’t as good as it is in July.)
4. Return home, unpack the kids and groceries. This is a great time to teach your kids how to put away groceries and where everything goes in your kitchen and why.
5. If your kitchen is dirty. Guess what? Time for the kids to learn to do dishes, sweep, and mop, and clean counters. No complaints if they want to make the cookies. Talk about safety, and sanitation. Clean under their nails, they are worm farms.
6. Get everything ready pots pans utensils ingredients all set out so you don’t have to run around your kitchen. Mise en place is a French phrase which means “putting in place”, as in set up. Tell your kids why organization is important. This skill can translate to the rest of their lives when planning for camping trips, weddings, building that tree house or fort.
7. Begin the mixing and mashing and chopping and smashing. This is the perfect opportunity to teach your kids about the stove, HOT, pan handles in and oven mits on. Steam burns, sears, and scorches. Teach kids knife safety if they are old enough to use one.
8. Take your kids from the beginning of the project to the end. Make them see the project through, don’t let them stray, if they do, let the cookies burn a little so they learn the consequences of lack of attention and shirking responsibility. Desert depends on them and don’t mind cookies that are a little burnt. Just means more for you.
9. When all is cooked and done, and kids are ready to disappear, break out the cleaning supplies. It’s time to clean again. Kids need to learn to clean up after themselves, it helps keep parents sane when they do. I ask mine if they want happy dad or a dad who takes the cookies over to the neighbors.
10. Ten reasons to cook with your kids.

Cooking brings families together.
Cooking builds self esteem.
Cooking makes kids more willing to try new foods.
Cooking teaches kids math skills.
Cooking teaches kids reading skills.
Cooking teaches kids chemistry skills.
Kids who cook tend to eat more fruits and vegetables.
When kids cook they learn about the origins of food.
Cooking teaches kids about different cultures.
Cooking teaches a life long Skill.

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