10 Reasons To Cook With Your Kids

1. Cooking brings families together.
2. Cooking builds self esteem.
3. Cooking makes kids more willing to try new foods.
4. Cooking teaches kids math skills.
5. Cooking teaches kids reading skills.
6. Cooking teaches kids chemistry skills.
7. Kids who cook tend to eat more fruits and vegetables.
8. When kids cook they learn about the origins of food.
9. Cooking teaches kids about different cultures.
10. Cooking teaches a life long Skill.

3 thoughts on “10 Reasons To Cook With Your Kids

  1. Agree with all of these! I just wish my daughter that wants to grow fruit and help bake and cook would eat the good stuff she helps grow or make. Amazing to see four kids with the same genetic components raised in the same household – the boys eat almost anything I put in front of them, the little girl eats most things, but my big girl vomits if she has a 1/4 tsp. full of something she doesn’t want to try.

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    • I hope she grows out of it. As far as I know there isn’t one trick to get kids to be good eaters. I tell my kids that food is their building blocks and ask them how they want to grow. Some times you have to tell your child like it is and let go. Parents aren’t allowed to use feeding tubes and forcemeal ™.

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  2. I had one that would throw-up too – he could do it on command. It was entirely about control with him. I also believe his was more from texture than taste. He is now 11 and since I continued to offer a variety of food he is now much better about trying new things but there are still certain foods – ricotta cheese (that’s the only reason to eat lasagna in my mind!) and peas send him over the edge.

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