A TALL Tale: How M&M’s Got Their Crunch.

M&M’s originated in the United States, when Frank C. Mars, got into the candy business during the Spanish Civil War after seeing soldiers eating chocolate pellets. Knowing that being a soldier on the front lines can be stressful, he wanted to help his fellow troops. Upon his release from service he started his chocolate company Mars. Frank was also a prankster and his employees in an attempt to one up him, mixed potato bugs into the bowl of chocolate pellets he kept on his desk. As Frank so often did he snacked on the pellets as he reviewed weekly sales reports. Busy, he grabbed a handful with out looking and bit down on the chocolate pellets and the potato bugs. He found them to be pleasantly crunchy, and looked to see what was different. His face melted into an expression of horror as the potato bugs walked the rim of his candy dish. Laughter roared through out the candy plant. Determined to turn it around, Frank ate another handful and called for his chocolatier’s to come and try.

If you enjoyed this story, here’s the direct link to my author page, where you can sample or purchase my book Tales From The Cook:  http://www.amazon.com/author/authorericjohnson

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