When should children start to help out in the kitchen?


Kids should start as soon as they are able to follow simple instructions. For toddlers washing vegetables measuring and mixing is a great start in the kitchen. these activities help improve fine motor skills and creating familiarity with foods decreases food phobias.

3 thoughts on “When should children start to help out in the kitchen?

  1. I agree with you whole heartedly. I owned a home based preschool for twelve years. We had a vegetable and herb garden that the children planted and maintained with me. The parents were so surprised that the children were asking for snacks that were fruit and vegetables from the garden, and wanting to take it home so they could share with mom and dad. We baked breads and cookies often. Some of our creations didn’t look so pretty,but were edible. The children were so proud of what they made. They didn’t realize how much they were learning,they just had fun. Who says learning can’t be fun?

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  2. “Cooking skills” consist of many different types of perceptual and conceptual skills as well as mechanical skills and academic knowledge. Cooking is a great basis for education our children.


  3. My “kid” is now almost 30, and he is a dedicated healthy “foodie” – from preschool to high school he joined me in the kitchen, and had fun while learning math – fractions, multiplication, division, conversions while in the kitchen, where we would play! His favorite meal was chicken and broccoli, and he loved to plant and help tend and harvest our large garden. Except for lima beans (a texture issue), he’s never been a fussy eater! I say take ’em out to the garden and have them join you in the kitchen to observe, taste, test and learn about food – cooking, preserving, pickling, drying, freezing, etc. Leads to interesting shopping excursions to the grocery store, as well! For a spell he also enjoyed washing dishes, but I’m afraid he outgrew that!


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