What are Rhymes and Recipes?


Rhymes and Recipes came about in response to the interest in, and concern about domestic cooking and cooking skills in relationship to the childhood obesity epidemic. The goal; improve the health state of children. Rhymes and Recipes is a cookblog that provides a medium of discourse for parent and child to create a state of thinking that is food focused toward learning to cook together through the use of nursery rhymes, tall tale, and french cooking methodologies.  It takes a educative approach in order to provide intricate detail about domestic cooking practices of old, and the skills needed for teaching children to cook. “Cooking skills” consist of many different types of perceptual and conceptual skills as well as mechanical skills and academic knowledge. The findings revealed that the ability to cook influences food choice.  Rhymes and Recipes challenges current the impact of technology on domestic cooking and food provision, for example, and the deskilling of the domestic cook.

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