How to get kids more involved in the kitchen.

Cooking can empower a child, foster a sense of control and well being. Cooking is a great way to teach a child, math, science, improve reading, and to learn about other cultures.
* First, have patience and a good sense of humor. Your kitchen is about to get messy.  Ask your child if they would like to help out in the kitchen. Choose a recipe together. Generally kids love to make something sweet. Sweets are a great way to introduce your child  to cooking.
* Always read the recipe together before you start.
* Gather the needed ingredients measure them out together and have the ingredients at the ready. This is called Mise en place. Mise en place is a French phrase which means “putting in place”, as in set up.
* While cooking with your child discuss what the equipment in the kitchen is and how to safely use it.
* Encourage your child to not give up if they get frustrated or distracted. Praise their culinary accomplishments.
* When cooking with young children start small, washing peeling and tearing. You can increase their responsibilities as they age.
* Like a professional kitchen make a work station for your child to assemble the chosen recipe. With great eating comes the great responsibility of cleaning up after. Teach them the mantra, “A clean kitchen is a happy kitchen.” This part of the activity makes the task easier for everyone.

One thought on “How to get kids more involved in the kitchen.

  1. I have four grandchildren who all started helping in the kitchen as young as two. Adding ingredients into a bowl, helping to stir, snapping green beans. My oldest grandson at three exclaimed “cool” as we whipped egg whites into meringue and he saw the translucent whites become opaque.


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