She Traded Her Baby For Onions


Rapunzel, Rapunzel let your hair down. I wonder what the modern equivalent would be…I dare not go that dark.

Planted in the spring, the rampion by mid summer will make you sing. When the shoots are tender and the greens are like spinach, dash with olive oil and vinegar and a crack of fresh pepper, you’ll think you’re in Fishgard. Come November, boil em like turnips. Soup or stew or added to mush, favorable with bacon and a pint you old lush. So eat em before they flower or when they pump at the root. Tell your friends they’ll have a hoot.

Ramps, Blue Cheese And Bacon
1 bunch ramps, usually a little less than 1/2 pound
2 teaspoons extra virgin olive oil or butter
salt and pepper

Wash the ramps. Sauté the ramps. Enjoy. Give the plate a crumble of blue cheese and chop of bacon. Take your pocket full of rye and make it into bread.

Ramp Soup
Take the above and add to 1-quart chicken stock and cook in a pot for 15 minutes or until tender. Pop the contents when a bit cool into a blender and purée. Pour into a bowl and top with a generous dollop of butter, crumbled blue cheese and bacon.

Ramp Mush
Take the above, above and cook 1 cup of oats twice as much water in a pot. Boil, boil, simmer, simmer until the waters nearly gone. Chop, chop the ramps and fold them in. Top with blue cheese and mix the bacon in.

Ramp Stew
You see the trend here with the ramps. Now get a few good sausages preferably some nice blood sausages and a chunk of the cow that jumped over the moon. Now dice it up and how now brown the cow with a bit of olive oil. Add the ramps to the pot with carrots, celery and a generous splash of red wine and beef stock. Throw in a sprig of fresh thyme and cook till the meat is tender. While this is cooking have the sausages for lunch. Add diced potato and cook till done.

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