Eric Johnson (Official Bio)

Eric Eric Johnson lives in California: he is a primary care giver, bakes bread, and makes the best salsa in the world. His favorite type of books to read and write are science fiction.  He is also on twitter @AuthorEEJohnson

Books by Eric Johnson
The Saga Of Tom Stinson
1. Summer School Zombocalypse
2. Razor Point

The worlds First Tall Tale Cook Book; Tales From The Cook

Eric’s debut novel Summer School Zombocalypse and Razor Point are published using OpenDyslexic typeface. OpenDyslexic is a typeface designed to make reading easier for some symptoms of dyslexia. Letters have heavy weighted bottoms to indicate direction. You are able to quickly figure out which part of the letter is down which aids in recognizing the correct letter, and sometimes helps to keep your brain from rotating them around. Consistently weighted bottoms can also help reinforce the line of text. The unique shapes of each letter can help prevent confusion through flipping and swapping.

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