Tales From The Cook: The Cracked Keg


In the days of old where tales were told of Hero’s, wine, and wenches.
Wandering souls found their way drawn in by bar keeps.
Who’d holler that, Benches are better than wenches, after a day of fighting in the trenches.
Now come on lads and have something to eats.

For the men and women born of courage.
Meal time was when true bravery was called upon.
History was never as bold to mention pease porridge.
Often Hero’s took up drinking a until dawn.

For meals were never so grand as pepper crusted ham.
What was caught was served, except when it ran away.
The cooks of the time were known to scam.
And sometimes what was served, sent one to the grave.

To liven things up, a sprig of sage was like a spell cast by Merlin.
And greater magic was when the cook put a squirrel in.

1 pound split peas soaked over night
1 ham hock
1 onion
2 quarts water
Salt and pepper

Soak the peas over night. Use a large pot. Chop the onion. Put all ingredients together. Bring to a boil and simmer. When the peas are tender and creamy. Season with salt and pepper. Eat for the next nine days.


If you enjoyed this story, here’s the direct link to my author page, where you can sample or purchase the book:  http://www.amazon.com/author/authorericjohnson

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