Writing is inspiration in itself.


I’m not motivated. I don’t have the time. I don’t know what to write I. I. I am good at saying, I don’t. If you’re stuck or blocked, be stuck be blocked. Take a day off. Ride a pony, get drunk and fight a cop.

But if that’s not an option, let’s not talk about excuses anymore. Lets talk solutions. The solution is a tough one, and you’re not going to like it. You have to write. Shocking as it maybe, you have to write. Dictate into your phone, scribble on the fridge with a crayon. I don’t care what medium you use. Write. Good. Yes, that’s it, a little more to the right and dot. Perfect.

Here’s the short back story, long.

I was stuck writing a split personality scene in a novel where lava creatures from Mercury feed of the psychic energies of mothers love and children at play. Yes it’s YA. No, kids don’t die from having their brain waves eaten, and the lava creatures aren’t a metaphor for product marketeers. The problem was, I just couldn’t seem to make it believable enough. (As a writer I want to get to the truth of the story. The mushy slimy guts of emotion.) I wracked my head. I lost sleep. I learned that the psychic energy eating lava creatures would still be there in the morning, and they were not eating brain waves of children and mothers they were eating mine. As I hid under the covers waiting for sleep to come back. It dawned on me, the only thing that would solve my not writing problem. Write.

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