I have finally published my first E-book. Now what?


My book ‘Tales From The Cook’ is up on Amazon. It is a cook book folklore mash up. With stories kings and clowns and drunken college students who fall for strippers. So, now what? It’s formatted and edited the best I can, with out having my eyes bleed from their sockets. I don’t want to spam my book. I hate spammers. Today I try a bit of prairie pragmatism, and try to catch flies with honey and not vinegar. I will offer it a generous sample in hopes of attracting a few readers. And if I am lucky, I will get feed back. (Funny huh? Feed back on a cook book.)

Here’s the intro, Long after chefs are dead, the deeds of their fare live on. Tales of roast beasts and cooking kings, of clowns and sailors lost at sea. Who invented the biscuit? Where do noodles come from? How did marinara win a heart? Step into the world of Tales From The Cook, but beware, you may whet more than your appetite.


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